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Welcome to Upholstery Cleaning Mallow .Here we will take you through the steps of upholstery cleaning.
Upholstery fabrics can be very delicate  so All Brite will inspect the fabric to decide which  upholstery cleaning process is best suited to your upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning Mallow Process

Michael will pre-test for possible loss of texture potential colour bleeding or possible shrinkage on your fabric.
90% of upholstered of suites can be cleaned by Steam Clean Extraction . We use an Eco Friendly water based upholstery cleaning solution. We first treat the most heavily soiled areas such as the head area and the arm rests of the suite.
We let the pre treatment soak in to the fabric and then steam clean the fabric  while agitating the solution and extracting the dirty water in 3 motions. If needed we then spot clean the fabric giving special attention to stubborn spots such as oil and make up. An air mover  is then used to help dry the upholstery . An average 3pc suite will take about 2 hours to clean , which is why  we recommend that if possible to clean your upholstery in the morning so it will be dry in the afternoon.

We use the Dry-Wet-Dry cleaning  process on fabrics that are sensitive to wet cleaning. It prevents bleeding and browning of fabrics

Dry Cleaning  is used on delicate upholstery fabric. This is not a deep clean  so you should not let your fabric become too soiled.

Upholstery Protector

To keep your fine fabrics clean we recommend applying Aqua Fabric Protector on your upholstery. It prevents Stains from soaking in to the fabric and prolongs the time between cleanings.

Regular vacuuming will also help. Do not spot clean with an oil based cleaning product.

Some of the fabrics we clean are


We also clean all leather couches and then apply a leather conditioner leaving that new leather feeling.

upholstery cleaning mallow

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